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CERN Seismic Network

Basic Network Information

Network code: C4
Start Date: 15-02-2017 00:00:00
Closure Date:
Network Description: CERN Seismic Network
Creator: CERN, Swiss Seismological Service
Region: Geneva, FR / CH
Archived at: SED
Abstract: CERN Seismic Network consists of co-lcoated broadband and strong motion stations in and around the CERN experiment perimeter crossing France and Switzerland. Sites are free-field and at-depth along the ring.
Network Type: permanent
Station Type: VBB, BB, SM
Data Restrictions: open

Data Access

Data can be downloaded from arclink.ethz.ch using the Arclink or fdsnws protocol. Access is password protected and restricted.

Citation Information

CERN (2016): CERN Seismic Network. ETH Zurich. Other/Seismic Network. https://doi.org/10.12686/sed/networks/c4
Datacite Link: http://data.datacite.org/10.12686/sed/networks/c4

Station Map C4

Map network stations

List of stations:

The table below shows all stations in the C4 network.

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