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XA - GANSSER broadband seismic experiment in Bhutan

Network code: XA
Start Date: 13-01-2013 00:00:00
Closure Date: 02-12-2014 00:00:00
Network Description: GANSSER broadband seismic experiment in Bhutan
Creator: Swiss Seismological Service (SED) at ETH Zurich
Region: Bhutan
Archived at: SED
Abstract: Temporary deployment - GANSSER Swiss broadband seismic experiment in Bhutan. The project: Geodynamics ANd Seismic Structure of the Eastern-Himalaya Region (GANSSER) aims at studying the seismotectonics, as well as the structure and physical properties of the lithosphere in the Eastern Himalayas, mainly by means of receiver functions and tomographic methods.
Network Type: temporary
Station Type: VBB, BB
Data Restrictions: open
Stations total: 45
Stations running:

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